VO Enterprises has a broad portfolio of products and carriers to balance any short or long-term risk. All of our carriers have solid financial ratings and a history of serving policy holders. 

Insurance products include health, long-term care, life insurance, annuities, Medicare supplements, critical illness, disability income, and hospital income. 

Health Insurance

At VO Enterprises we do everything we can to make health insurance shopping as easy and convenient as possible.   Whether it’s individual, group, or short-term care you are looking for, we’ll help you find the best option for you.  We offer health insurance options on and off-marketplace, during open enrollment and for special enrollment periods.  If you live in Nebraska or are purchasing health insurance for someone that lives in Nebraska, look no further.

  • If you have been through the long federal marketplace application process before and found the website complicated and time-consuming, let us help you make the process more simple. 
  • Group Health insurance can be written with as few as 1-5 people in a group, and often offer more choices and flexibility than individual plans.
  • Group Health insurance can be greatly discounted if employees are fully underwritten and can qualify for a Self-Funded Group Plan
  • If you’d like to see if you qualify for a federal income tax credit, we can quickly see if you qualify and what your premiums might be.

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Life Insurance

Whether you are interested in Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, or Return of Premium, we have access to the industry’s best carriers and most cutting-edge products.  We will educate you on the basics of life insurance and help you make a decision based on your family’s needs and your family’s budget.

Most people think about life insurance for their immediate family needs but there are other reasons for life insurance as well:

  • Business planning: Key Person, Buy/Sell Arrangements, and Executive Benefit plans
  • Cash Value Accumulation: fund Future College Expenses, Supplement Retirement Spending, or pursue other Goals and Dream
  • Income Tax Free Death Benefit and Income Tax Deferred Growth
  • Hybrid Plans to provide for both Long Term Care Benefits and Death Benefits
  • Guaranteed Cash Value Growth through Dividends.


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