Insurance – Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is where we started and have continued to focus since our agency began. Multi-Peril Crop Insurance is federally regulated so the cost is the same no matter which agency you choose to work with but not all agencies are the same. When it comes to crop insurance, you won’t find many that have the knowledge, experience, and focus of our agents.  We take pride in making sure that our customers have the best crop insurance package that fits their needs.  Give us a call today and see how our agents make a difference!


Crop Insurance Prices

Corn                               2017                 2016                2015

Spring Price                       $3.96                   $3.86                  $4.15

Fall Price                                                         $3.49                  $3.83


Spring Price                       $10.19                 $8.85                  $9.73

Fall Price                                                         $9.75                  $8.91

Precision Agriculture

  • A farm management concept based on collecting data in precise locations to manage a farm more efficiently. 

How will this benefit me?

  • Reducing the amount of input product purchased
  • Reducing fertilizer, seed and chemical application costs
  • Reducing machinery wear and tear
  • Reducing operator fatigue
  • Reducing ground water contamination due to excess fertilizer runoff
  • Improving crop yield potential
  • Providing better information for operation management decisions
  • Providing better farm records essential for sale and succession of land